Noteworthy Backgammon

Noteworthy Backgammon for Windows

Bring this classic board game to life on your computer

You will enjoy a truly remarkable board game with Noteworthy Backgammon in which you use your strategic planning, risk-analysis, and concentration skills to out maneuver your opponent. Enjoy this classic game of chance and skill on your computer now!

The player information window tells you valuable information about the state of the game, who's winning, and what the computer thinks your odds of winning are. At a glance, you will know all the vital game statistics so you can concentrate on making good bets.

You won't get stuck making a bad move in Noteworthy Backgammon. Move backward through an entire game with the unlimited undo button. You can even move forward through the game again with the redo button if you wish.

Check your game statistics anytime in the statistics window. Every game you play is recorded, and each one match adds (or takes away) from your total winnings - which you can use to see how you compare to other players.

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Noteworthy Backgammon


Noteworthy Backgammon

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